Denis Creedon

Strucutural Surveyor & Construction Engineer in Cork 


Mapping is the process of recording the dimensions of the boundaries of a property and between properties. Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company carry out all mapping requirements for land transfer, land leases, mortgages, property boundary issues and more. 

Mapping is extremely important when purchasing a house or property. Should a legal dispute ever arise concerning the boundaries of a property having a detailed record of the measurements and dimensions will strengthen your case significantly. 

Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company's mapping service involves taking highly detailed and accurate dimensions of the your properties boundaries and record these details for prosperity. Our mapping engineers will provide advice in relation to the condition and nature of these. A detailed examination will then be carried out of the title maps which might take different formats, depending on the age and location of the home or property. A comparison can then be made of the differences between the dimensions of the boundaries set out on the ground and the manner that those boundaries are represented on the map. Action can ten be taken by the property owner to correct and amend the physical boundaries in line with the title maps. 

Fire Safety

As a fully qualified fire safety engineer, Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company provides a wide range of fire safety services. 

We can assist and advise clients on the requirements for Fire Safety Certificates, where and in what circumstances they are necessary and how the application process works. We provide assistance for all aspects of the Fire safety certificate applications for domestic and non-domestic non-domestic projects including property survey and building plans if required. We also offer general fire safety advice and act as a liaison between client and local authority during the application process.

Our fire safety engineers also carry out fire safety Inspections and issues certificates of compliance for existing premises and licence renewals. As part of the review we use multiple measurements and to establish conformity to fire safety obligations and, where appropriate, will make recommendations on where improvements need to be made.

Disabled Access Certs

  • Disabled access certificate applications for new and existing properties

  • Property survey and building plans included if required

  • Advice and liaison between client and local authority

B.E.R. Certs

Building Energy Rating certificates for new and existing properties. General advice and information on building energy properties.

Insurance Claims

  • Inspections and professional reports carried out in association with claims assessor

  • Structural damage appraisal and design solutions

  • Supervision and certification of remedial works