Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company carry out all mapping requirements for land transfer, land leases, mortgages, property boundary issues and more.

Fire Safety

Fire safety certificate applications for all non-domestic projects including property survey and building plans if required.

Inspections and certificates of compliance for existing premises and licence renewals.

General advice and liaison between client and local authority.

Disabled Access Certs

  • Disabled access certificate applications for new and existing properties

  • Property survey and building plans included if required

  • Advice and liaison between client and local authority

B.E.R. Certs

Building Energy Rating certificates for new and existing properties. General advice and information on building energy properties.

Insurance Claims

  • Inspections and professional reports carried out in association with claims assessor

  • Structural damage appraisal and design solutions

  • Supervision and certification of remedial works