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Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company provides a full planning service including architectural plans, site plans, site surveys and site assessment reports. We take care of all matters relating to the application process. We work closely with all clients during the design process to achieve the most satisfactory design to suit the clients taste, requirements and budget.

Planning Consultant Engineer

Building a home or commercial property can be a complicated and confusing process. By engaging a planning consultant early on in the process, we can ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as is possible. We will provide appropriate advice and support that will streamline the build and avoid foreseeable problems that may not be apparent to you initially.

At Denis Creedon Consulting Engineering & Company, we have decades of experience in planning consultancy and whether you extending your home, embarking on a new build or are a commercial developer, we guarantee a tailored service for your individual project. 

We have extensive knowledge on the following areas which are essential to any successful project:

Planning Consultant Engineer

  • The Planning and Development Acts and relevant Regulations

  • Planning Guidelines by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and Office of Public Works

  • Traffic and Road Transportation matters

  • Flood Risk Management

  • County and City Development Plans

  • Local Area Plans

  • Irish Water Connection Applications

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This year alone, Cork had the highest number of housing permissions in Ireland this year so far, as the rebel county stole a whopping 25.4% share of the overall planning permission.

Tips for planning permission in Cork

Securing planning permission for your building project in Cork can be a complex process, but with strategic planning and the assistance of Denis Creedon Consulting Engineers in Cork, you can streamline the approval procedure.

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